Bericoplast - Uni-shell Seats, Multipurpose Seating for Community & Sports Arena

Bericoplast S.p.A. was established in 1974 in Brendola (Vicenza) and it is presently considered one among the main European companies manufacturing single body seats by moulding plastic materials.
The great design dynamism and the production versatility have always characterized the company products which, during these years, have been able to manufacture and promote several products, meeting the needs of functionality, flexibility and customization of the environment in an innovative way, thus contributing to their success in terms of aesthetics and quality.
The more than thirty years’ experience of the company in the field of sports equipment has been especially important.

The Stadiums of the Africa Cup of 2008 in Ghana are only ones among the latest huge sports equipment; in fact Bericoplast which, since 2006, is part of the limited number of official FIFA suppliers, has manufactured also other important huge plants: the Temporary Flexible Stadium X.0 of Foro Italico in Rome, the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg Germany, the indoor stadium in Nancy, France, all media centres of the World Soccer Championships circuit in 2006, the latest European Championship in France 2016 as whell as those of 2020 and so on.
On all these occasions the company has cooperated with the designers/architects in charge of the plants as far as customized shapes and colours are concerned.
Research, production flexibility, an all-Italian production chain, timeliness and reliability of the deliveries are the points of strength of a company born from an idea of Cleto Cimati who still manages the company.
The company manufactures more than 450,000 units a year, thanks to a series of focused alliances and agreements, and it presently covers all the five continents with its productions.

The complete product range undergoes strict tests required by the Italian and European regulations. Besides, all seat are equipped with the fire-proof certification, "performance specifications" and, if necessary, with the assembly instructions. The products are provided also with guarantees according to the law or with special guarantees according to the materials chosen by the contractor.
The most important percentage of Bericoplast turnover is focused on the installations of huge sports equipment, but the company is achieving positive turnover results also with the supply of seats for shows equipment (cinemas, theatres etc), both internal and external.
All of the Bericoplast collections are produced entirely in Italy and made from 90% recyclable materials.

Bericoplast S.p.A.

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