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Barstool Lilly

Nice and elegant, the barstool Lilly impresses with its simple and slender lines. It is ideal for every kind of furniture, from minimal to projected.

It has an injection moulded technopolymer shell, and a metal frame chrome-plated or epoxy painted.

Stackable frame, realized with high resistant metal frame Ø16 mm electro welded.

Barstools stackable up to 6 pieces.

White and black. Upon request with a minimum quantity of 250 pieces.

Dimensions: 46x52x87 - 72



01-lilly-stool-front.jpg 02-lilly-stool-lateral.jpg 03-lilly-contract-stools.jpg

04-lilly-stackable-stools.jpg 05-lilly-stools-for-hotellerie.jpg 06-lilly-dark-stool.jpg