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KUM 35


Kum sport stadium seats

It belongs to the KUM line, but with a reduced depth of 35 cm.
This allows its use with shallow steps, at the same time guaranteeing compliance with the rules of minimum passage spaces.

Available in polyamide or polypropylene, Class 1 fireproof for indoor use or Class 1 fireproof and with UV protection for outdoor use.
It must be fixed to the step by means of 3 direct anchors or on metal structure. Matching hole caps. Available also with plastic number plate.



01-kum-35-stadium-seats.jpg 02-kum-35-sport-seats.jpg 03-kum-35-sport-arena-seats.jpg

04-kum-35-sport-stadium-seats.jpg 05-kum-35-sport-stadium-seats.jpg