- Sports Plants: Zeltweg Circuit
- Turkey chooses Charlie for its stadiums
- Bericoplast seat also in Congo
- Tip-Up Charlie Seating for Concerts in Porto Recanati (AN)
- Bericoplast supplier of FIFA-UEFA
- New Products:
Ola Sl in Black and White - Vale Made of Fabric


SPORTS PLANTS: Zeltweg Circuit

Bericoplast supplied 17,000 seating of KUM series on occasion of the renovation of Zeltweg circuit known as Spielberg Circuit in Styria (Austria).

The Ősterreichring is a historical racetrack located in Austria, near Spielberg bei Knittelfeld. The plant, which has been idle for many years after undergoing an expensive renovation in the nineties that modified the course and the name, was remodernised and restarted the activity in the motor season 2011.

The KUM seats, manufactured for this occasion in the colours dark blue and silver, are made of polyamide 6, fixed directly to the footstep by means of 3 anchors.


TURKEY chooses CHARLIE for its stadiums

Between January 2011 and July 2012 Bericoplast supplied more than 26, 000 seats CHARLIE model: 7,980 were destined to "Sukru Saracoglu Stadium" and 19,000 for the sport plant "Kasimpasaspor" of Istanbul, Turkey (by courtesy of Mr. Izzet Habib).


The Sukru Saracoglu is one of Istanbul soccer stadiums and one among the biggest of Turkey. It hosts the domestic soccer games of Fenerbahce S.K. and frequently the international matches of the team; it hosted also a final of UEFA Cup.


CHARLIE seats made of polypropylene copolymer or polyamide 6 are offered in different versions: seating on single frame, seating on single tip-up frame, seating on tip-up bench structure with 2, 3, 4, seats.



In September 2011, we supplied 6,300 seats OMEGA model, 6,500 seats STKH model and 6,600 seats STKL model for the "Stade Municipal de Lubumbashi", the third largest stadium of all Congo that hosts the domestic games of the team "TOUT PUISSANT MAZEMBE", with a capacity of 35,00 people.

The seats are manufactured in the white and black colours of the team.


TIP-UP CHARLIE SEATING for concerts and theatre performances in Porto Recanati (AN)

In June 2012, 1,216 tip-up seats CHARLIE model were supplied and installed at the open ARENA "B. Gigli" of Recanati (AN).

Gigli arena is located outside Castello Svevo in the central area of Porto Recanati. Here concerts, theatre performances and various cultural happenings take place during the summer season.


Bericoplast supplier of FIFA-UEFA

Bericoplast who, since 2006, is among the limited number of FIFA suppliers, in June 2012 delivered 1,800 seats SARA model for the setting up of press-rooms of the different sport plants on occasion of the European Soccer Championship in Poland-Ukraine.

This is the third supply for FIFA-UEFA happenings, after the World Soccer Championship of 2006 and the European Soccer Championship of 2008.


New Products: OLA SL in black and white - VALE made of fabric

OLA SL, the stackable chair with a sled-base structure made of chrome-plated steel tube diam.12 mm, is now available also in the black and white versions.
VALE seat is now available in the upholstery fabric version. The spacer bar for fixing and obtaining a clear space between the chairs in a row is also a novelty.