KUM, the chair for sports arena


KUM sitting in polyamide 6, is devoted to sports audiences, and attaches directly to the tread of the step through three direct berths. Elegant design, comfort (size: 33cm h backrest, seat depth 40cm) and safety are the main characteristics of this session that is offered in the catalog in more than 20 different colors. The company is also able to meet the needs of custom color. Like other products Bericoplast, KUM responds to different security requirements (all products are subjected to strict testing performance required by Italian and European standards - EN 12727/2000, CATAS for Italy and GS certification issued by the body LGA for Germany) flexibility and customization that are required for the provision of sports facilities, all of which have also enabled the company to enter the exclusive club of official suppliers of FIFA (the sessions of the media centers of the World Cup circuit in 2006, the Recent Europeans in Austria and Switzerland and the stages of the Africa Cup of Nations 2007 are Bericoplast). KUM is used with satisfaction at different stages in Italy and around the world, the last delivery was recently achieved in Bassano del Grappa (VI). Twelve hundred seats KUM red were mounted in the grandstand of the new multipurpose building. Bericoplast, born in 1974, produces over 450,000 units per year and, thanks to a series of targeted alliances and agreements, currently covers with its productions worldwide.


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