Cleto Cimati underlines the great technological advantage which the Italian industry demonstrates in the monobloc seat sector, pointing out how the “zero distance” production enables that operating speed which is more and more demanded

Custom production and execution times are increasingly shorter: this is the market need and cannot be ignored. It is a necessity which involves the majority of production sectors and, for this reason, industry is forced to quickly produce customised items which are purposely designed for each customer. Cleto Cimati, CEO al Bericoplast, an enterprise in Vicenza which is considered one of the first European manufacturers of monobloc seats through plastics moulding , explains this dilemma. “The key word – Cimai says – is technology. Infact, technological innovation creates a wider range of production opportunities, especially when customised products are requested. Our italian manufacturing process (as for us, 99% of our outsourcing is entrusted to local enterprises), guarantees both a high technological level and a strict control on the production steps: in other words, an enviable operating speed.”
For this reason research at Bericoplast cannot stop. “This year – Cimati explains – we have planned an investment in the ICT sector in order to improve the control on process and work stages, thanks to the most advanced ERP systems of the moment. In 2016 we are going to increase and improve all the internal production phases and, as a consequence, manage to abtain some energy saving.”
The most evident quota in Bericoplast's business is focused on installations at large sports facilities “but the enterprise – the CEO continues – is also being rewarded, as regards its turnover, in the field of seat provision for entertainment facilities.
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