Renzo Barbera Stadium in Palermo

The Renzo Barbera stadium in Palermo gets Bericoplast seats for the Europa League Toumament

Municipal stadium Renzo Barbera is the biggest sporting facility in Palermo, inaugurated in January 1932. The facility which is owned by the city and is used by the Palermo team for its home matches, has undergone a number of restructuring processes over the years. In 1948 saw the removal of the athletic track and the construction of the two curves; in 1984, a second tier was constructed around the curves and along the sides; on the eve of the world championship hosted by ltaly in 1990, a thirdtier was added and the foundations were reconstructed. ln 2006, the stadium was upgraded in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Pisanu Law. This takes us to the 2010- 2011 season. Palermo must get ready to compete in the Europa League Tournament and the stadium must be adapted to comply with UEFA provisions whereby all the seats must have a seatback, and further renewal works get underway accordingly. The seats selected belong to the Omega series manufactured and supplied by Bericoplast, a company established in the Vicenza province in 1974, that produces - through an all ltalian supply chain - morethan 450,000 units per year and, thanks to a number of well coordinated alliances and agreements, is able to market its products all over the world. The 23 thousand seats installed by Faram Palermo (Bericoplast's agent for Sicily) are made of polypropylene treated to withstand the UV rays and to be fire retardant, and conform to the UEFA standards. Each seat is fastened directly to the bleacher treads by means of three anchoring devices. The intervention was carried out on the north and south curve sectors and required the supply of green coloured seats. But it should be noted that Bericoplast can meet the most diverse colour requirements, including customised ones. All the seats produced by Bericoplast meet all national and international safety requirements.

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