Italian-made seats in all five continents

It is one of the leading European manufacturers of one-piece moulded plastic seats, which it makes through a production cycle that is carried out exclusively in ltaly. l am thinking of Bericoplast, a company established in 1974, whose activities have always been inspired by a desire to improve the lives of people in community and sports environments. A versatile and dynamic approach has enabled the company to create and promote a wide range of products that provide innovative answers to functionality, flexibility and personalisation requirements.

With over thirty years experience in the field of sporting facilities, Bericoplast is an official supplier to FIFA and has contributed to the construction of many prestigious facilities, including the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, Germany, the Nancy sports palace in France, all the media centres set up for major events such as the 2006 soccer world championship, the 2008 European championship held in Austria and Switzerland, the 2008 Africa Cup, and so on. On these occasions, the company collaborated with the designers/architects in charge to create ad hoc forms and colours for the venues.

Bericoplast products are made with 90% recyclable materialsand undergo the stringent performance tests specified by the applicable ltalian and European standards. Moreover, the seats are supplied with certificates attesting their fire resistance and "performance characteristics" as well as assembly instructions, as needed. The warranty is as required by the applicable regulations, but particular materials selected by a client can be covered by a specific warranty.

Bericoplast manufactures more than 450,000 units per year and, thanks to a series of international alliances and agreements, its products are exported to the five continents.

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