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Since 2006 Bericoplast has become part of the limited number of official FIFA suppliers, signing in numerous large sports facilities: the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg in Germany, the indoor stadium in Nancy, France, all media centres of the World Soccer Championships circuit in 2006 and of the European championships in Austria and Switzerland, the Spielberg circuit in Austria also known as the Zeltweg circuit, and much more both in Italy and around the world.
All of the Bericoplast collections are produced entirely in Italy and made from 90% recyclable materials.

Bericoplast S.p.A.

Via A. Pacinotti, 11 - 36040 Brendola (VI) - Italy
VAT N. : IT 02820640247
Tax Code & Business Reg VI n. 02820640247
r.e.a. VI n.278820
Capital € 500.010,00 i.v.
Tel +39 0444 400738
Fax +39 0444 400015

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